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The Next British Chess Star

Shreyas Royal is the best British chess prodigy in a generation. The problem? He was due to be deported. Brazil was tasked by charity CSC to use chess to help Shreyas and his family stay in the UK.

The brief >

Tell Shreyas’ story and why the UK may be deporting the next British chess star.

How we made positive change >

Through a targeted national media and broadcast campaign, we got Shreyas to tell his story. Seen throughout the world, this put pressure on the UK Home Office, which overruled its decision to send Shreyas’ family back to India.

Shreyas now lives in England and is well on his way to become Britain’s next global chess star.


Shreyas and family are now free to remain in the UK, and English chess can hopefully celebrate a new champion.

Our work captured the hearts of people around the UK, and indeed the world.


120 million people in one week.


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