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Brazil Labs.

Brazil Labs will explore new ways for your business to communicate. 

We look at all the latest technology, innovations and options for your business to communicate and engage.

Brazil Labs helps brands evaluate current strategies, recalibrate your approach, and ensure your brands resonate with specific demographics.


Get in touch to find out what you need before you write that next agency brief. 

What Our Clients Say

Tech Analysis

We analyse how new technology can be used for brands to communicate with their various audiences.  Hardware, software, VR, NFT, apps, gadgets & devices, voice - we work with our clients to determine the best technologies and design roadmaps to communicate better & cooler with their audiences.

Genuine x Progress Tools

Being up-to-date with ever-changing consumer value sets is hard.  That’s why we provide tools for organisations to create and communicate genuine progress across key areas including: ethics, diversity, sustainability and social inclusion.

Client Lab Analysis

We carry out wide and deep analysis of our clients’ market, audiences, competitors, customer experience and other critical factors and barriers for success. This includes mystery shopping, focus groups and international scoping.

Micro Analysis

Audience targeting is essential to develop communications, influencer and social media campaigns  Our detailed analysis of hyper-targeted and emerging consumer audiences, trends and behaviours helps businesses deliver messaging with accuracy and make the most out of marketing spend.

Brazil Campus

Why sit on great insight and experience?  We’re here to share our knowledge to others through webinars, newsletters and events.

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Bryn Brooker, Head of Marketing, Nextbase

“Brazil are legends! Over the past seven years, Brazil has worked tirelessly to build up our solid reputation and to directly drive sales.  They move with the times, identify new trends and are our solid, dependable and creative partner. We see them as an extension of our team.”

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