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Stratajet. The Uber of the skies

Stratajet is an aviation/tech business which developed a unique way to make booking private jets as easy as calling an Uber.  Of course, organising private jets is slightly more complicated and has to consider thousands of permutations for each flight. Our global launch focussed on Western Europe and the US.

The Brief >

Launch the Uber for private jets and to introduce new customers to the stagnant industry.

How we made positive change >

Our strategy was to show how Stratajet was reducing the cost of private jet travel, implemented through a varied multi-media approach which directly drove sales.

Showcasing the technology to bring new efficiencies to this market justified Stratajet’s positioning and built trust, loyalty and frequent customers.


Our work directly accounted for more than 40% of sales, and made Stratajet a hot company which drove new clients, staff and investment.

We helped the brand make it to the Deloitte Tech Fast 50 list.


1.3bn in Europe and the US.


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