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Penderyn. The mystical Welsh Whisky

In 2003, Penderyn opened the first distillery in Wales in more than 100 years.  While it may seem exciting now, back then if a whisky wasn’t Scottish, Irish or American (Bourbon) people wouldn’t drink it.

The brief >

To build a customer base outside of Wales and to show that Penderyn is leading the way in a new “World Whisky” category.

How we made positive change >

Our strategy was to complement, not challenge whiskies from Scotland, Ireland and the US (Bourbon) by creating a new World Whisky category.

Playing upon Penderyn’s unique characteristics, we also took to expanding the market by targeting women and nurturing slightly younger audiences.

We used on and off-trade campaigns to drive sales & loyalty, including Wales’ first “Restaurant of the Month Awards”

And we set out to own St. David’s Day, the Patron Saint of Wales by creating new ways to celebrate Welsh history & culture.


Media coverage with a value of over £5m per year. Sales from 10,000 bottles/year to 300,000 in four years. 63% of all sales was attributed to Brazil’s work.

More than 100,000 tourists to Penderyn’s visitor’s centre per year. Increased sales in UK, France. New distribution network in the US


Supported key retailers including Tesco, Sainsburys & Waitrose in the UK to drive ongoing sales – and at peak times (Christmas, Father’s Day).


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