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Oxitec’s special insects

Oxitec is a biotech company developing genetically engineered insects to help solve global public health and food security problems. Their mosquito programme aims to control the world’s deadliest animal and stop the increasing threat of diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue and zika. 

The brief >

To make Oxitec’s genetically modified-mosquito acceptable in the communities that need it the most

How we made positive change >

It’s hard to convince people that not all mosquitoes are bad. In the case of Oxitec’s ‘Friendly’ mosquito, our work showcased how it can help communities struggling with the threat of disease carrying ones. Our work across the USA & Brazil was based on building trust & knowledge.


95% acceptance rate in Brazil.

68% shift from negative sentiment press coverage to 95% positive in 2 years.


400 million adults globally.


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