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Funding Circle. The fintech unicorn

Funding Circle was a small start-up with a huge ambition when we started working with them.  Our work introduced the concept of Peer-to-Peer finance to both retail investors and lenders, positioning Funding Circle as the future of SME lending.

The brief >

To build the number of both SME lenders and P2P borrowers to deliver a pure P2P solution.

How we made positive change >

From startup in 2010, we helped Funding Circle establish its business brand and model in the UK. Our focus was not just on Funding Circle, but the P2P model itself, which gave it legitimacy and build trust amongst both audiences.

Now valued at more than $5m, our work directly drove investors to Funding Circle & helped pave the way in making P2P a viable option for borrowers.


Led by our campaigns, over the first 3 years, we drove 44% of business and paved the way for Funding Circle to be the standard of the industry.

Funding Circle became the number one alternative finance source for SMEs in only three years.


92% of all UK SME business owners. 198 million consumers.


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