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Brazil partners with AXON in Latin America

  • UK’s Brazil and LatAm’s AXON Marketing & Communications (AXON LatAm) align to cover countries across Europe, North and South America

  • The two agencies will work on businesses looking to expand globally and target Spanish-speaking regions.

  • Collaborating on tourism and technology clients

London & Miami, September 25, 2023- UK-based communications agency Brazil and AXON Marketing & Communications, with offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru and the USA, today announced a strategic partnership.

The new partnership brings together two well-established agencies: Brazil, founded in 2003 in the UK which also covers the US market, and AXON LatAm, founded in 2005 and now covers ten Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, including the Hispanic markets in the US.

Together, this partnership involves more than 90 staff working across 11 countries including the UK, US, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand through other strategic partnerships and joint ventures including Central Press in Brazil and LaunchLink in Australia.

The Brazil/ AXON LatAm partnership will enable both agencies to support businesses in the UK and Europe looking to expand to target Latin America, and for Latin American businesses seeking growth in the UK, Europe and the USA.

The two agencies will also be implementing a variety of initiatives, including hosting webinars and producing white papers regarding business trading opportunities in each of the countries they operate in.

Joshua Van Raalte, CEO of Brazil, commented: “Latin America is a very interesting region for many of our clients, and this partnership now gives us the ability to provide comprehensive services targeting Spanish-speaking populations.”

Carlos Trelles, CEO of AXON Marketing & Communications, commented: “Our alliance will allow us to extend the growth opportunities of our clients, reaching new markets with high demand potential for companies with a comprehensive approach to communications and public relations”


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