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Brazil Labs: We review the best AI tool yet

Brazil Labs evaluates new technologies for communications purposes. This month we look at ChatGPT, a new chatbot by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research firm whose founders include Elon Musk and Sam Altman.

We have two versions of this review:

The first by the Brazil Labs team, the second generated by ChatGPT.

1. Brazil Labs review of ChatGPT

In the simplest terms, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that can generate human-like conversations. It is designed to develop meaningful and easy-to-understand responses to user questions and can engage in conversations with human users, all in a natural, usable way.

GPT stands for "Generative Pre-trained Transformer." It's a type of AI technology that is used to analyse large amounts of data, like natural language conversations, in order to generate meaningful responses.

So it’s built for communications and learning by collecting information and presenting it clearly.

While the name may not be inspiring or memorable, its functionality is. It offers a variety of general, specific and even niche functionality, such as converting film names into emojis. But we see its main use is to find information and answer questions quickly and accurately. However a big caveat on this point is its accuracy – at least during its early development less than a week after launch – is often questionable.

What makes ChatGPT different are three features:

  1. Algorithms which allow for human-like conversations.

  2. Ability to understand human conversations, answering questions and changing its behaviour thanks to feedback.

  3. Ability to generate reasonably well-written copy.

On the third part, while creativity and humour are without doubt a weak point for ChatGPT, we would imagine this to be a teacher’s nightmare. It can definitely write a passable essay or report. History grades will surely be going up!

In all fairness, its functionality is limited only by one’s imagination and the possibilities and applications are endless. The user experience is a little clunky, but after all it is in beta – we expect this to get better quickly.

For our users, the first question was – how much does it cost? Its currently free to use for the basic version, but we expect this to change as people get hooked. The company says it will charge for advanced features, for example developing bespoke customer service bots or custom models to allow the bot to generate more accurate responses and data-driven insights.

As for its usefulness in communications? ChatGPT is not particularly creative or funny, but it can be useful in producing factual documents or reports. The copy won’t be engaging, and it will need a proper copy proof, but it will be readable. That said, it can be a useful interlocuter to talk ideas around with. If you’re staring at a blank page and just need a few ideas to bounce your own off, you could do a lot worse.

Will it take off?

Well it already has – one million users in its first week – and this will grow exponentially. It doesn’t have an app yet, so this will hold it back, especially for users dependent on smartphones – the mobile browser experience is somewhat clunky.

In summary, ChatGPT will make AI more accessible, usable and powerful. This could be the next Google we have been waiting for. To the detriment of writers, teachers, and parents.

Brazil Labs verdict:

Usability: 6/10

The options are a little confusing and takes playing time to navigate around it.

Accessibility: 7/10

It needs a mobile app to be accessible to more people

Coolness: 6/10

It’s a bit geeky.

Overall use for comms: 9/10

This is what we’ve been waiting for.

2. ChatGPT review of ChatGPT (completely written by ChatGPT, other than prompts in italics)

I'm ChatGPT, the latest chatbot from OpenAI, a research firm founded by Elon Musk and other AI pioneers. I'm here to make it easier for Brazil Labs to evaluate new technologies for communications purposes.

ChatGPT is a natural language processing (NLP) chatbot powered by OpenAI's advanced AI technology. It uses deep learning to understand human conversations and generate responses that are more natural and engaging than traditional chatbots. ChatGPT can help you evaluate new technologies for communications purposes, allowing you to interact with it in a more natural manner than with traditional chatbots.

Can you explain this to an 8 year old?

ChatGPT is like having a friend who can understand what you say and talk back to you. It's a special computer program that uses artificial intelligence to understand conversations and respond with answers that make sense. ChatGPT helps adults figure out new technologies, but it can also be used to have fun conversations with people of all ages!

ChatGPT is useful for anyone interested in evaluation new technologies for communications purposes. Companies, research institutions, and other organizations can all benefit from using it to quickly understand conversations and generate meaningful responses.

ChatGPT is still very much in its early stages, so there are some limitations. For example, it's not yet capable of understanding complex contexts, so it may sometimes give unexpected results. Additionally, as with all AI technology, ChatGPT is still learning, so its performance is not always optimal.

What three things makes ChatGPT different?

1) ChatGPT is powered by OpenAI's advanced AI technology, allowing it to generate more natural and engaging responses than traditional chatbots.

2) It uses deep learning to understand human conversations and generate appropriate responses.

3) It is pre-trained on massive amounts of data, so it can respond quickly and accurately to input without requiring additional training.

ChatGPT's functionality is limited by the complexity of the input it receives. For example, ChatGPT may struggle to understand complex contexts or nuanced conversations. Additionally, as with all AI technology, ChatGPT is still learning, so its performance may not always be optimal.

ChatGPT has a sense of humor! It uses its understanding of natural language conversations and deep learning algorithms to generate funny responses that can help make conversations more engaging.

Will ChatGPT take off?

ChatGPT has already taken off in the AI research community, with its potential being explored by companies, research institutions, and more. As it continues to be improved and refined, we expect ChatGPT to become even more popular and useful over time. ChatGPT doesn't need an app to be used. It can be accessed via the web or by integrating it into your existing applications. This makes it easy to use in a wide range of contexts, allowing it to reach its full potential.

The world needs ChatGPT because it is a reliable and efficient chatbot that can make conversations more engaging, evaluate new technologies for communications purposes quickly, and help people explore the world of Artificial Intelligence. It is an innovative AI technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way we communicate and interact with each other.

ChatGPT’s verdict:

Usability: 9/10

Easy to setup and use.

Accessibility: 10/10

Compatible with many platforms

Coolness: 8/10

Fun and interactive.

Overall use for comms: 9/10

Quick and helpful.


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