Challenging through PR tactics

We’re always thinking up innovative ways in which to get in front of its key audience. Identifying a novel campaign in the crowded insurance industry isn’t easy, but through FOI requests, we found that the number of traffic wardens is down year-on-year but the number of parking tickets being handed out was still increasing.

We had a great story which we knew would generate news. However, coverage wasn’t the only aim of this story: we sought to use it to influence’s search rankings, vital for an online business.


Reaching business goals

Having a Facebook and Twitter strategy in place, we enlisted a popular and relevant blogger on the topic who was already known by the media. Collectively, Brazil and the blogging efforts generated more than 300 pieces of coverage – 15 nationals and in excess of 50 broadcast hits. was mentioned in 98% of this resulting coverage.

Most importantly, the combined tactics resulted in an increase in site traffic of 41% – a vast number considering the tens of thousands who naturally visit the site on a daily basis. The activity also boosted’s search rankings to spectacular effect, taking the site from the second page of Google results for its key search term into 5th position.