Great news from Funding Circle, which just won a place on Real Business magazine’s prestigious Future 50 list. The Future 50 celebrates the most innovative, creative and “disruptive” companies in Britain – a perfect description of Funding Circle, and a business which we have seen go from strength to strength since Brazil has been working with […]Continue Reading


It is very easy for businesses to create a page on Facebook. However, all too often companies rush onto social media without thinking about how to generate content. It’s one thing to get users to like a page but quite another to get them to stay long enough to truly engage with what is on […]Continue Reading


Take a look at some of the press photos from Frankfurt and you’ll see some cars that make the Batmobile look low-tech: it’s pretty easy to make a car look interesting if it’s a concept vehicle decades away from production – stick a jet pack on the back or use doors that open upwards and […]Continue Reading


The seventh Rugby World Cup is upon us. Joy for rugby fans, not so much for everyone else… Being an Englishman (Sean) with only an interest in victory when it comes to anything other than football, I’ll pick it up at the semi-final stage. But we have some expert pundits amongst our client base so […]Continue Reading


Earlier this year, we were appointed by Funding Circle to help them with very ambitious business plans. It’s an interesting businesses – the best place to find out about the company is on its website, but in a nutshell, the idea is that savers invest in individual businesses rather than saving through banks. Cutting out […]Continue Reading


What does the Honda CR-V have in common with Brompton bikes and Aga cookers? The answer, as you’ve probably guessed from the title, is that all three are built in British factories. Since 1985, Honda has produced more than two million cars in its 370 acre factory in Swindon. These British-built cars go on to […]Continue Reading


This month Facebook announced that Warner Bros will be using www.facebook.com to allow its customers to rent and stream films. Launching with The Dark Knight, users will pay $3 (roughly £1.85) per to rent a film for two days. Crucially, if Facebook decides to use personal data to decide which films to suggest to you, […]Continue Reading


The last thing the internet needs is another post with a five step plan telling you how to “do” Twitter. Instead, we want to point you in the way of someone who’s doing it well. Last week, we chanced across Sevenoaks Police’s Twitter page. What’s so special about it? In a world full of social […]Continue Reading


Plenty has been written about social media as an effective tool for global brands, and growing number of small businesses have been getting in on the act too. Penderyn, the Welsh whisky distillery, has won praise for using social media to punch above its weight and develop an international presence, for example. While researching local […]Continue Reading


PR, like any other marketing discipline, is going through major transitions, and in 2011 I think we will see a number of significant trends which may evolve our industry further. Here are five for your consideration: 1. No More PR Boxes Everyone has their own perception and interpretation of exactly what PR is – thus […]Continue Reading