Starting out in the PR industry can feel like quite an alienating experience. A myriad of journalists, experts and potential clients are out there, tantalisingly out of reach. The names seem unfamiliar and the sheer quantity of jargon is weighing you down; you are ready to communicate, but you don’t know where to start. Fear […]Continue Reading


06.45 – Rise and shine! Radio 4’s Today Programme is the soundtrack to my morning, lulling me into the day (along with a shower, a mug of superstrong coffee and a bowl of cereal) and giving me an idea of what’s going on in the world. 07.45 – Out of the house and onto the […]Continue Reading


Paddy Power grabbed a commendable number of headlines with an ad campaign bearing the following strapline:  “Official sponsor of the largest athletics event in London this year. There you go, we said it. (Ahem, London France that is)” A careful read of the advert will tell you that Paddy Power is sponsoring the egg and […]Continue Reading


After winning the competitive pitch to manage the UK PR and all social media channels for Yamas! cheeses, Brazil will next week launch the product in the UK alongside its debut in Tesco, Morrisons and Ocado. The new Greek cheese range – owned by Futura Foods, one of the UK’s largest cheese importers – will […]Continue Reading


LensWay, the European arm of Coastal Contacts, Inc., the planet’s biggest online eyewear company, has appointed Brazil as its first UK PR and social media agency as it looks to challenge high street optical retailers. Coastal Contacts, based in Vancouver, Canada, was founded in 2000.  Brazil will be helping the company with brand awareness across […]Continue Reading


Great news from Funding Circle, which just won a place on Real Business magazine’s prestigious Future 50 list. The Future 50 celebrates the most innovative, creative and “disruptive” companies in Britain – a perfect description of Funding Circle, and a business which we have seen go from strength to strength since Brazil has been working with […]Continue Reading


It is very easy for businesses to create a page on Facebook. However, all too often companies rush onto social media without thinking about how to generate content. It’s one thing to get users to like a page but quite another to get them to stay long enough to truly engage with what is on […]Continue Reading


Take a look at some of the press photos from Frankfurt and you’ll see some cars that make the Batmobile look low-tech: it’s pretty easy to make a car look interesting if it’s a concept vehicle decades away from production – stick a jet pack on the back or use doors that open upwards and […]Continue Reading


The seventh Rugby World Cup is upon us. Joy for rugby fans, not so much for everyone else… Being an Englishman (Sean) with only an interest in victory when it comes to anything other than football, I’ll pick it up at the semi-final stage. But we have some expert pundits amongst our client base so […]Continue Reading


Earlier this year, we were appointed by Funding Circle to help them with very ambitious business plans. It’s an interesting businesses – the best place to find out about the company is on its website, but in a nutshell, the idea is that savers invest in individual businesses rather than saving through banks. Cutting out […]Continue Reading