Connecting brands with the fans

We understand that sponsorship can be tricky. If it doesn’t get the right cut-through, it can be an expensive waste of time. But when it works well, brands can reach new audiences and renew their connection with existing customers through strong fan engagement.

O2 enlisted Brazil’s help to showcase its new mobile tech but also make sure the brand was aligned with England Rugby fans, as part of O2’s ongoing commitment and sponsorship of the England team.


Fan engagement

We created the first ever user-generated award scheme: the Excellence in England Rugby Award. The concept was simple: rugby fans were encouraged to vote for the most promising player of the year, and discover the next generation of English talent.

More than 25,000 people participated in the voting scheme, via the O2 Rugby app. This innovative award scheme was promoted directly through rugby websites as well as an exclusive deal with the Daily Telegraph, encouraging fans to vote using their phones. O2 gained a great new database of customers through the competition. Most importantly though, O2 was brought closer to English rugby, by winning the hearts of the fans.


Grand slam

We also helped O2 develop a nationwide grassroots scheme designed to keep teenagers in rugby.

A number of activities highlighted the benefits of continuing to play rugby for boys aged 14-18, including:

  • Elite team boot camps – featuring current England players
  • Regional ‘masterclasses’ – a club based initiative to identify talent
  • Fitness goals – monitored through the O2 App