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There has been a distinct increase in the number of publications demanding “commercial” agreements in exchange for “so called” editorial coverage.  This is “fake coverage” and is disingenuous and misleading to readers, as well as an insult to both the PR and publishing industries. While some PR agencies have been pandering to these demands, Brazil categorically refuses […]Continue Reading


The cornerstone of PR has traditionally been the media sell in.  Turning the clock way back to when I started in the industry, I can still vividly recall my very first one.  Armed with a media list, crib notes and a press release, I was ready to tell the world.  It was a fairly dull story, […]Continue Reading


We’ve attended and won one award already this year but entry forms, shortlist announcements and jpegs are flying around like nobody’s business now. In the past couple of weeks, we’ve had three shortlists confirmed. Wahoo! The already award-winning dashcam campaign is up for dongs at the Modern Claims Award, Insurance Marketing & PR Awards as […]Continue Reading


Over the past 10 years, we’ve worked with many types of businesses across most sectors. But whatever the brand and regardless of the budget, I believe there are three elements which make a campaign great.   LEGITIMACY It’s vital to prove that a business has the correct foundations in place. Journalists are bombarded daily with […]Continue Reading


When I started my own PR career as an account assistant (many moons ago), I wanted big-name brands, a bit of glamour and, most of all, a good salary. Money was the most important factor for me – as it is for many new execs. From listening to those we interview at junior level, who […]Continue Reading


2014 is undoubtedly a big year in sport. From the Olympics in Sochi and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, to the World Cup in Brazil and World Championships in volleyball, swimming and other sports, this year is a real treat for fans.  Mind you, the less said about the cricket the better. It isn’t just […]Continue Reading


Second only, perhaps, to Google as the defining tech giant of this century, Apple has grown used to shocking the world. They’ve done it again in the past fortnight. Twice. First, they announced a decline in year-on-year profits for the first time in a decade. Instantly their share price dropped and critics, sceptics and doom-mongers jumped forward […]Continue Reading


Starting out in the PR industry can feel like quite an alienating experience. A myriad of journalists, experts and potential clients are out there, tantalisingly out of reach. The names seem unfamiliar and the sheer quantity of jargon is weighing you down; you are ready to communicate, but you don’t know where to start. Fear […]Continue Reading


Paddy Power grabbed a commendable number of headlines with an ad campaign bearing the following strapline:  “Official sponsor of the largest athletics event in London this year. There you go, we said it. (Ahem, London France that is)” A careful read of the advert will tell you that Paddy Power is sponsoring the egg and […]Continue Reading


PR, like any other marketing discipline, is going through major transitions, and in 2011 I think we will see a number of significant trends which may evolve our industry further. Here are five for your consideration: 1. No More PR Boxes Everyone has their own perception and interpretation of exactly what PR is – thus […]Continue Reading