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The aftermath of the EU Referendum has resulted in most UK residents frustrated by the scare mongering, unverified facts, misleading statistics and downright lies deployed by both the Remain and Leave campaigns. Regardless of what side people voted for, both camps are ultimately guilty of damaging the democratic process. Brazil, in support of a large […]Continue Reading


Announcing Brazil’s newest client: Wires. A new brand of sunglasses, Wires is a creative combination of ancient African wire craft, British design and Swiss technology. Teaming up with supermodel Lily Cole and her business impossible, Wires will provide a healthy income to skilful workers in Zimbabwe. Brazil is managing all public relations and social media […]Continue Reading


One event – one win, as this year’s awards season kicks off. It seems just days ago when we were crafting our entries, and now we’ve already conquered the first 2015 awards of the season, winning the best Financial Services Campaign of the Year at the PRmoment awards this month. When thinking about what to […]Continue Reading


Google has recently closed its Google Reader service: cue outrage and dismay from its legions of fans across social media. The response reached such hysteria that you could have been forgiven for mistaking it for a cruel personal tragedy or a national bereavement. And yet, on some level, this was a response entirely appropriate for […]Continue Reading


As Tony Montana nearly said, “In this business, you gotta get the fans first. Then, when you get the fans, you get the power”. Self-styled social media experts have taken this to heart, dedicating all their efforts to building up armies of followers and becoming the bane of many a Twitter feed, divulging such well-kept […]Continue Reading


Brazil announces that it has been appointed the PR agency for Privax, the global tech security firm behind the successful Hide My Ass (HMA) Virtual Private Network service. The agency’s brief is to develop an on and offline media relations strategy to expand HMA’s current user base of seven million individuals world-wide. Founded in 2005 by Jack Cator, […]Continue Reading


While personal finance brands have been slower to embrace social media than brands in other sectors, there’s no shortage of commentators shouting about the big, general reasons for using social media, normally focusing on engagement. That’s not all there is to it though – while there are some obvious reasons to use social media, there […]Continue Reading


06.45 – Rise and shine! Radio 4’s Today Programme is the soundtrack to my morning, lulling me into the day (along with a shower, a mug of superstrong coffee and a bowl of cereal) and giving me an idea of what’s going on in the world. 07.45 – Out of the house and onto the […]Continue Reading


It is very easy for businesses to create a page on Facebook. However, all too often companies rush onto social media without thinking about how to generate content. It’s one thing to get users to like a page but quite another to get them to stay long enough to truly engage with what is on […]Continue Reading


This month Facebook announced that Warner Bros will be using to allow its customers to rent and stream films. Launching with The Dark Knight, users will pay $3 (roughly £1.85) per to rent a film for two days. Crucially, if Facebook decides to use personal data to decide which films to suggest to you, […]Continue Reading