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The cornerstone of PR has traditionally been the media sell in.  Turning the clock way back to when I started in the industry, I can still vividly recall my very first one.  Armed with a media list, crib notes and a press release, I was ready to tell the world.  It was a fairly dull story, […]Continue Reading


When I started my own PR career as an account assistant (many moons ago), I wanted big-name brands, a bit of glamour and, most of all, a good salary. Money was the most important factor for me – as it is for many new execs. From listening to those we interview at junior level, who […]Continue Reading


Google has recently closed its Google Reader service: cue outrage and dismay from its legions of fans across social media. The response reached such hysteria that you could have been forgiven for mistaking it for a cruel personal tragedy or a national bereavement. And yet, on some level, this was a response entirely appropriate for […]Continue Reading


As Tony Montana nearly said, “In this business, you gotta get the fans first. Then, when you get the fans, you get the power”. Self-styled social media experts have taken this to heart, dedicating all their efforts to building up armies of followers and becoming the bane of many a Twitter feed, divulging such well-kept […]Continue Reading


In the days of 24 hour news channels, 100 page newspapers and instantly-updated online news sites, a day without news is almost unimaginable. On 18 April 1930, rather than the customary announcements, an announcer simply read “Good evening. Today is Good Friday. There is no news.” The announcement was partly reflective of the self-obsessed nature […]Continue Reading


Crowdfunding, social lending, peer-to-peer finance: whatever you want to call it, what started as an undeniable revolution has gradually morphed into a growing, dynamic and relatively well established industry. Sure, there’s a lot of education still required before peer-to-peer lending is universally understood, however anyone reading the PF pages will know exactly what Zopa, Ratesetter […]Continue Reading


While personal finance brands have been slower to embrace social media than brands in other sectors, there’s no shortage of commentators shouting about the big, general reasons for using social media, normally focusing on engagement. That’s not all there is to it though – while there are some obvious reasons to use social media, there […]Continue Reading


Starting out in the PR industry can feel like quite an alienating experience. A myriad of journalists, experts and potential clients are out there, tantalisingly out of reach. The names seem unfamiliar and the sheer quantity of jargon is weighing you down; you are ready to communicate, but you don’t know where to start. Fear […]Continue Reading


Paddy Power grabbed a commendable number of headlines with an ad campaign bearing the following strapline:  “Official sponsor of the largest athletics event in London this year. There you go, we said it. (Ahem, London France that is)” A careful read of the advert will tell you that Paddy Power is sponsoring the egg and […]Continue Reading


The seventh Rugby World Cup is upon us. Joy for rugby fans, not so much for everyone else… Being an Englishman (Sean) with only an interest in victory when it comes to anything other than football, I’ll pick it up at the semi-final stage. But we have some expert pundits amongst our client base so […]Continue Reading