This week brings big news for the UK’s policing sector!

Our client MOSY, provider of intelligent technology for mobile police forces and vehicles, has announced it will be showcasing its police ‘smart’ car at the Security and Policing 2017 Home Office Event, opening today.

The Slovakian ‘smart’ police car, equipped with the MOSY technology, will display all the features the technology delivers, such as automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), one click daily reports, vehicle location monitoring, emergency maps and much more.

The technology is already used in over 2,400 police cars across Europe and provides police officers with the IT intelligence they need to work smarter, quicker and more efficiently.

Security and Policing brings together security professionals from the UK and across the globe and creates a unique opportunity to engage with the highest level of expertise and the latest technology.

The demand for intelligent technology in emergency and public services has grown significantly in the recent years, and we are excited to see MOSY enter the UK market!

Learn about MOSY here.
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