Sensée is the UK’s largest employer of home-based workers and the innovator in the homeworking technology market.

The company enables brands to deliver exceptional customer experience through outsourcing their back and front office operations and leaving them in the hands of Sensée’s home-based and brand-aligned agents. Clients such as Argos, Aviva, Eurostar and PhotoBox are all benefiting from this innovative business solution as an alternative to traditional call centre operations.

The homeworking model gets rid off such business “headaches” like finding the right people within a reasonable distance, issues related to commuting and helps to lower office costs and overheads. Moreover, businesses benefit from workers that are happier, more engaged and loyal, and there’s research to support this!

Sensée provides a flexible working model that is both highly effective and efficient. The brand’s innovative “Homeworking 2.0” technology enables Sensée to remotely recruit, train and manage its home agents through try and tested HR processes and technology, which is able of replicating every single aspect of an office-based working environment. Through this, Sensée is capable of managing a 100 per cent of the employee’s “lifecycle”, from recruiting and hiring to training and even appraisals.

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