Blue Monday, the third Monday of January, is considered the most depressing day of the year.

The festivities of the Christmas period have come to the end, it’s cold, it’s dark, your New Years resolutions may already be unraveling, and on top of all that, bills are due. It’s a depressing combination and recent data released by our client The Money Platform indicates that Brits are indeed feeling the squeeze post-Christmas.

This data caught the eye of several publications with coverage in Peer to Peer Finance News, City AM, and MoneyFacts, The Money Platform.

The data released speaks directly to the financial strain the Christmas season can put on UK families. Loan requests to platform increased by 100 percent in the first week of January when compared to the first week of December. Thirty six percent of those borrowers required money for a household emergency, such as a faulty boiler or frozen pipes. After Christmas bills, Brits are finding it difficult to afford winter home woes.

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The Money Platform also shared a stat relating to the day on their Twitter account.