This week brings huge news in the world of cycling! Stanford University released a new study which found that Hövding’s airbag for cyclists offered ‘near perfect’ protection in head impact injuries.

For those of you unaware, Hövding launched in Sweden in 2012, and manufactured the first ever airbag for cyclists. Worn around the neck like a collar, Hövding uses multiple sensors and reads cyclist’s body movements 200 times per second. In an event of an accident, Hövding records unusual body movements and fully inflates in 0.1 seconds protecting both the head and neck.

In the study, the Hövding airbag was compared directly to the traditional foam helmet by creating a simulation of the most common cycling accident – a single fall. Hövding proved to provide eight times more protection in the event of an accident.

Hövding is the best head protection for cyclists on the market, and we’ve got a feeling you’ll be hearing much more of them over the coming months…

Read more about the Stanford University case study here.