April has been a blockbuster month at Brazil.


We hinted last month that we were about to launch something completely new for swiftcover.com. The insurer is now able to offer a 10% discount to all customers who use dashcams. Apart from being a brand new way to help save customers’ money, this will also make processing claims quicker and easier, as customers will be able to use their dashcam footage to support claims.

We’d expect nothing less from swiftcover.com which has always been focussed on offering innovative, fast and easy insurance at a low price. They are the first major UK insurer to offer a dashcams discount, but we suspect they won’t be the last!

We first proposed adding the dashcams discount to swiftcover.com’s product offering last year, and there has been a lot of work behind the scenes to pull it off. The discount was announced on Sunday, and we’re delighted to have made every national paper this week – from The Sun to the Sunday Times.

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As the dashcams campaign shows, good PR can be much more than just a fluffy press release or a throw-away quote in a newspaper. PR can be wielded to powerful effect to actually shape a business – influencing new product propositions, working with their CSR campaigns, and launching whole new initiatives. Our Deputy MD Sean makes a convincing case for this new, harder-working style of PR in this month’s PR Moment.


With May fast approaching, we’re looking forward to summer (it’ll happen!), and particularly festival season. We’re looking forward to be working with The Whisky Sessions: a new festival event which combines beautiful whiskies and expertly made cocktails with some fantastic live acts. We’ll be helping to take them on the road this summer – it’s a tough job, but we’ll just have to bear it!